Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I call you instead of ‘000’?
No, ‘000’ is the correct number to dial for SA Ambulance Service for all emergencies and general Ambulance matters. SA Ambulance is the state primary response emergency service provider.

Q: Can I call you if I have no money for Ambulance assistance?
YES. During our operational hours we take calls from persons in need, either from locum doctors, shelters or via our medical paging service, however if life threatening, we would involve SA Ambulance to attend and review.

Q: I am hosting an event. Can you supply me with first aid cover?
Please use our contact us email section or direct email address for details

Q: I run a community shelter, can I use the EMT Service?
Absolutely. Please get in touch via email or phone so we can describe the services we can offer you in further detail.

Q. Do we have any affiliations?

We support our friends at Angel Flight with ground support if needed. Also we have a working partnership with the Australasian College of Paramedicine.

Q: Are you a 24 hour service?
We operate an out of hour’s nightly service supporting locum doctors, shelters and persons in need so please contact us for more information. We are not a secret service, just a service for the sick, poor and injured covering many and varied situations in the NGO market.

Q: Can I use you for Non Emergency Transfer service?
We do provide a ambulance transfer service, if you do not have medical coverage and clinically stable, so please contact us for more information.

Q: So what do you carry?
All EMT fleet vehicles, both ambulances and responder cars carry advanced medical kits for trauma, oxygen and advanced resuscitation equipment, alongside other equipment including defibrillators. Our stretcher ambulances carry full patient lifting and transport care equipment. the EMT service has medication and IV equipment for serious incidents.